This blog was first published in 2018.

I woke this morning at around 6am to see a white glow from under the curtains and a garden covered in about 4-5 inches of beautiful snow. I was one of the majority of UK citizens affected by “the Beast from the East”.

As the world headquarters of my firm is around 10 miles along very rural and ungritted roads I decided to do the sensible thing and remain at home (although I have got up and am not writing this in my pyjamas and slippers). After my normal two Weetabix (they are so like cardboard that they must be doing me good) and a pot of tea it was my joy to take the dog (Arthur) for his first excursion in proper snow in his 11 months of life. He was suitably excited and so, some ten minutes later, I returned to warmth and more tea but rather more exhausted (but elated) than I had set out.

Accordingly, the morning was one of pleasant change. No suit, no commute and some work (albeit interspersed with home comforts such as tea and toast). All my family are similarly marooned in our gloriously white-blanketed house which looks like something from the Swiss alps (a bit flatter) and is quiet as no traffic has really been silly enough to face the challenge of the snow-encased lane which is often noisy with lorries and passing cars.

And so, for at least today and possibly for the balance of the working week, we are existing in a beautiful world of our own where the few people you do see are similarly relaxed and jolly and the world beyond about 100 yards of lane may as well not exist. All meetings for today and the rest of the week have been cancelled and all the ills of the world seem to be someone else’s problem. It is a chance to think of what is important – family, friends, an excited Labrador and the prospect of some hearty food and possibly a wood fire.

It really does feel different and one’s mood is lighter and more open-minded. A testament to what a bit of a break from the “real” world can do.

In my experience, spending a day in a mediation has a lot of similarities. After the initial settling in, all parties have a real chance to think things out without disturbances from “outside”. Everyone only has one thing to concentrate on. Whilst the experience is possibly not as pleasant as my snowy one, the principle is much the same and it really does achieve great things. Even if one or other party are longing to resume the “real” world the chance to see their dispute in a different light or from a different perspective is a useful experience. “Let’s just get this thing done!”

#AlbertSquareMediation cannot always promise an “out of body” experience but we can give you a protected space to get to the bottom of something. You will receive help from a trained and interested mediator who is passionate to help all parties come to a conclusion that is good for all of them! Quite different from a court experience – why not give us a call!

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