Meet The ASM Plus Team

Paul Sandford

Director of ASM PLUS

Director of ASM PLUS, civil/commercial, workplace, employment, family and educational mediator and trainer with a judicial, legal and medical background. He has knowledge and expertise in dispute resolution in a wide range of areas and disciplines and mediates online.  

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Francesco Albertelli

Francesco is a highly accomplished member of the ASM PLUS team and a well established and highly skilled ADR practitioner, commercial lawyer and linguist. He initially qualified as an Advocate in Rome. He speaks English, Italian and French fluently and has a good working knowledge of Spanish.

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Roy van den Brink Budgen

Joanne Byrne

Austin Chessell

Henry Elliston

Dr Russell Foster

Kathleen Frascona

Nicole Godetz

Claire Jarvis

Menahem Chuck Kanafi

Arlene Kiefer

David King

Suzy Miller

Matthias Neuenschwander

Rosalind Nunoo

Joanne Phillips

Amanda Sandford

Brendan Schütte

Russell Shackleton

Anthony Wooding

Ben Beaumont

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