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Brendan Schütte

Paul Sandford

Russell Shackleton

Nicole Godetz

ASM Plus’s Workplace and Employment Team supports clients with a range of approaches to address workplace disputes, disagreements, interpersonal conflicts, redundancy, formal employment disputes such as unfair dismissal claims that have reached the stage of tribunal proceedings, and other difficulties. Like the other ASM Plus teams, we are committed to the twin principles of Early Dispute Avoidance (EDA) and Early Dispute Resolution (EDR).

We provide a timely very cost-effective service and assist clients to resolve issues at the earliest available opportunity. Following an initial discussion, we will advise as to the most appropriate option for timely cost-effective resolution of their difficulties.

Our team comprises Brendan Schütte, the convener, Paul Sandford and Nicole Godetz . They are all highly experienced, qualified, senior practitioners who share ASM Plus’s ethical approach to the resolution of discord. Following an initial discussion, we will advise as to the best option.

Mediation and in appropriate cases, Co-Mediation, is now recognised as best practice in dealing with grievances such as complaints of bullying, discrimination, harassment, work allocation and similar issues. It is a structured, though informal, process in which an impartial mediator assists the parties to gain a better understanding of matters, to consider options for resolution and then to agree on designing a future pathway which addresses the fundamental needs of both. Typically, it involves two parties but can easily accommodate more, for example, when resolving team conflicts.

Investigation is a formal analysis of a complaint in which an impartial investigator examines evidence, including interviews with relevant people, to assess whether or not there is a case to answer i.e. whether the complaint has any merit. It is a fact-finding procedure using balance of probability and assists the client to ensure a reasonable response to a complaint. The possibility of an appeal following investigation is always available and ASM Plus’s consultants are also skilled and experienced in looking at an investigation and deciding on the appeal.

Neutral evaluation is a hybrid between mediation and investigation. It is semi-formal but does not make any decisions. Rather it will recommend, following interviews and analysis, a useful way forward. This is an option where the client is not clear about whether mediation or investigation, or something else is needed.

Conflict coaching is used to help employees to consider how they are managing conflicts at work, to understand the impact of that conflict and then to move forward in a constructive way.

ASM Plus’s Workplace Practice can also assist with in-company training and development such as training mediators and investigators, and in facilitating change management.

Contact us.  At first instance please contact our Director, Paul Sandford for a confidential without obligation discussion. He will be delighted to talk through matters with you and will arrange for a member of the team to contact you and advise on the best way forward.

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