The Sports Team

Paul Sandford

Team Convener and ASM Plus director

The ASM Plus sports team comprises its convener Paul Sandford, the ASM Plus director, Austin Chessell and Nicole Godetz. Supported by the ASM Plus civil/commercial and employment teams we assist clients by resolving their sports related disputes quickly, cost effectively and beyond the reach of possibly intrusive press coverage and social media comment. In so doing we save considerable amounts of time and money that can be better used to ensure good administration and financial management and enable those involved to get on with the important business of playing and enjoying their sport.

ASM Plus can offer its expertise in English, French, Spanish, German and Italian and provide both a face-to-face and an online service. ASM Plus has extensive ADR and business experience in all parts of the world including Europe, the Americas, Hong Kong, New Zealand and the West Indies.

Instructing the multi-talented ASM Plus sports team could save at least 70% of the cost of conducting lengthy disciplinary proceedings, instructing professionals to conduct possibly protracted commercial negotiations or even going to court or to a tribunal.

We are very flexible and proactive and because we are committed to the principles of Early Dispute Avoidance (EDA) and Early Dispute Resolution (EDR), we will always carefully consider the best option for individual clients and advise accordingly.

All the members of the ASM Plus sports team have excellent track records as ADR practitioners. They have a very good understanding of sporting issues including the short- and long-term difficulties that individual sports people and sporting bodies face. They are committed to providing a dedicated, timely and very cost-effective sports-oriented service.

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