The Family Team

ASM PLUS’s Family Mediation Team supports clients with a range of approaches to address divorce, cohabitees who decide to separate, childcare arrangements, division of assets, probate and inheritance disputes, and disagreements involving family companies. We are committed to helping you resolve your family matters outside of court, to providing a timely, cost effective service and resolving matters at the earliest available opportunity. At a time when communication has broken down or is very difficult we are here to help re-establish it so that you can both talk through matters that you would like to resolve. In family cases mediation tends to be a far cheaper process than going to Court. It is also a much quicker way to resolve matters. The parties are in control of the decisions made and it helps to maintain privacy.

 Austin Chessell mediates regularly in cases involving divorce and child care arrangements. Following initial discussions he conducts Mediation Information Assessment Meetings (MIAMS) and does both privately funded and legal aid work. He undertakes his mediation work in sessions, typically between three and five, and in very urgent cases offers a one-day mediation model.

Paul Sandford and Anthony Wooding mediate in cases involving disputes involving cohabitees, family trust and probate issues and disagreements involving family companies and businesses. They use their interest and expertise in the fields of probate, trusts and commercial work to provide a highly focused expert service.

Nicole Godetz has a background of working with families in the education sector. Nicole brings copious experience of supporting families faced with SEND, separation, loss, resilience and grievances situations.

See Austin and Paul mediating in action with a live 2017 role play that was performed to professionals wanting to learn about Family Mediation.


Contact us At first instance please contact our director Paul Sandford for a confidential without obligation discussion. He will be delighted to discuss matters with you and will arrange for a member of the team to contact you and advise on the best way forward.

Telephone number: 07476 279 307