The Education Team

Paul Sandford

Team Convener and ASM Plus director

ASM Plus’s Educational team comprises  Nicole Godetz, the convener, and Paul Sandford ASM Plus Director.  They provide a timely, very cost-effective service to support head teachers and school leadership teams, governors, university administrators and academics to address a wide variety of disputes and disagreements within the educational sector.

Additionally, Nicole and Paul are members of the ASM Plus workplace and employment team and in conjunction with the convener of that team, Brendan Schütte  offer a highly specialist service, resolving workplace education disputes.

Mediation and Co-mediation are now recognised as best practice in dealing with grievances such as complaints of bullying, discrimination, harassment, work allocation and similar issues. It is a structured, though informal process in which an impartial mediator assists the parties to gain a better understanding of matters, to consider options for resolution and then to agree on designing a future pathway which addresses the fundamental needs of the parties. A mediation often involves two parties but there can be more, for example, when resolving group conflicts.

Early Dispute Avoidance (EDA) and Early Dispute Resolution (EDR) are modified forms of mediation where the facilitator works with the parties to consider options for resolution. The facilitator acts as a negotiator and contributes to the resolution of the issues but is not a decision maker. EDR is used by ASM Plus mediators to work quickly to resolve disputes before they become entrenched.

Contact us. At first instance please contact Paul Sandford for a confidential without obligation discussion. He will be delighted to discuss matters with you and will arrange for a member of the team to contact you and advise on the best way forward.

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