The Civil & Commercial Team

The team

Matthias Neuenschwander

Francesco Albertelli

Ben Beaumont

David King

Paul Sandford

Brendan Schütte

Russell Shackleton

Roy van den Brink Budgen

This team is convened by Matthias Neuenschwander, the highly accomplished Switzerland-based mediator, adjudicator and engineer. The team comprises Matthias, Francesco Albertelli, Ben Beaumont, David King, Paul Sandford, Brendan Schütte, Roy van den Brink Budgen and Anthony Wooding. We assist clients by resolving their business and commercial disputes quickly and cost effectively thereby saving considerable amounts of time and money that can be better used to generate turnover and ensure good management. We offer our services in English, French, Spanish, German and Italian. Our team members have extensive ADR and business experience in all parts of the world including Europe, the Americas, Hong Kong, New Zealand and the West Indies.

Instructing a member of the ASM Plus commercial team could save 95% of the cost of going to court or to a tribunal. We are very flexible and proactive and because we are committed to the principles of Early Dispute Avoidance (EDA) and Early Dispute Resolution (EDR). We will always carefully consider the best option for individual clients and advise accordingly.

We have a diverse and multi-talented professional team who have both ADR and business experience and can therefore ensure that we select the right person for you. Additionally, we are supported by the members of the four other ASM Plus teams including the Workplace and Employment Team that is convened by the highly accomplished Brendan Schütte

Mediation and in appropriate cases, Co-Mediation are generally recognised as excellent options for promptly addressing the complete spectrum of civil disputes ranging from high-value complex matters to those of more modest proportions. Depending on the geographical situation, the incidental pre-mediation work can be performed online, in order to save both time and contain costs.

We also offer a low-cost, on line small claims mediation option for modest value disputes. Click or tap here for details.

Arbitration is an option for the resolution of disputes outside the courts and our team includes two highly regarded international arbitrators. Because this process is faster than going to court, even in very complex disputes it is much more cost effective and there are a number of other advantages. It is particularly effective as a means of resolving multi-party or cross-border disputes and is a much more efficient way of addressing disputes than the cumbersome court processes that are offered in most jurisdictions.

Adjudication is often seen as an alternative to arbitration and is acknowledged worldwide as a flexible, very effective form of ADR. It achieved prominence in the UK following the passing of the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996 (the 1996 Act). ASM Plus offers a timely, cost-effective adjudication service which is particularly well-suited to the resolution of building and engineering disputes.

Facilitated Meetings.  As part of our commitment to both EDA and EDR we offer the option of a roundtable meeting or discussion as an alternative to our other services. This may be an excellent, highly cost-effective option for use in cases where there is already a level of agreement or where there are preliminary issues to be addressed and resolved.

Contact Us.  At first instance please contact our Director, Paul Sandford for a confidential without obligation discussion. He will be delighted to talk through matters with you and will arrange for a member of the team to contact you and advise on the best way forward.

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