ASM Plus Testimonials


From an appreciative client following a mediation conducted by Paul Sandford and David King

The mediators without any doubt added very significant value and helped us avoid what would have been potentially very significant legal costs. Without their help I doubt we could have got a sensible conversation between us and the defendant.

We found the mediators easy to deal with, personable and very pragmatic, professional and focused on facilitating a resolution.

I also emailed Luke with the same and told him we would recommend you without hesitation. Thank you for your help.

From a client, Ludwig Appeltans – Posted on Linked in and Google

Paul is a highly skilled professional mediator. He helped us resolve a really difficult issue with skill and humour. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

From a client, Steve M – Posted on Google and Linked In

I have known Paul for many years and I have benefitted greatly from his knowledge and experience. Paul displays the utmost professionalism whilst remaining very approachable and achieving the best results for his clients. The breadth of Paul’s expertise and knowledge is very impressive and ensures that he is able to quickly grasp the key issues, salient points and find the best way forward to achieve optimal solutions and results. In what is likely to be a stressful time you can rely on Paul’s integrity and experience to make the process as easy as it is possible to be, saving time and expense and minimising the stress that may come with the dispute. I have no hesitation in recommending Paul and Albert Square Mediation. If you are considering mediation then you should consider Paul and Albert Square Mediation. With Paul’s great sense of humour you may even have a smile at points along the way!

From Dr Athar Yawar – posted on Linked in and Google

I do know that I would trust Paul Sandford to do a good job. I worked with him when I was a doctor caring for survivors of torture. He was a dogged, intelligent, sympathetic lawyer whom I came to trust. He had the rare quality of putting his clients first. I am sure Paul has brought the same intelligence, humanity, and drive to his work as a mediator.

From Leighton Hughes, Judicial colleague – posted on Linked in and Google

I have known Paul in a professional capacity for approaching ten years; he is a skilled lawyer with exceptional interpersonal skills and the ability to assimilate a vast body of detailed information with ease and then to distil this into to easily understood key points. His natural charm places clients at ease and his mediation work, often involving complex disputes in the healthcare fields, has earned him a reputation as a leader in his field. He is held in the highest regard by his peers and satisfied clients alike.

From Natalie Chaplin

Expert practical advice from an approachable team of professionals with experience of responding to dispute resolution and managing mediation. I have accessed their support directly, and can recommend with confidence.

From Patrick Lewis

Excellent Service from a dedicated and well-informed group of individuals! Certainly recommend their services!


From Fernando Terracina, Vice President, Association of Historical Stores of Excellence in Rome

Francesco is a very skilled mediator and arbitrator and he is able to solve complicated matters with capacity and sensibility. I highly recommend him as a commercial mediator.

From Stefano Pizzolato CEO of Tebro SRL

We have known and worked with Francesco from many years and his legal competence and brilliance to give advice in commercial matters and to resolve disputes, coupled with a human and collaborative attitude, are very impressive and bring to excellent results either in financial terms or in a business perspective.


From Andrew Kerr, Partner at Wilson Browne Solicitors

I have known and worked with Ben over a number of years. He has always been hugely impressive in terms of legal knowledge and commercial awareness. He is also a thoroughly decent and compassionate human being which doesn’t automatically follow in the legal profession!


From David Terance McCabe, Young and Sidney, Solicitors – Posted on Linked In and Google

I am happy to recommend the services of Joanne Byrne. Joanne’s ability to resolve conflicts in respect of a range of circumstances was emotionally and financially satisfying. Joanne was able to communicate with each party, was able to identify issues and even underlying needs. Joanne allowed me to provide my views and then generated a number of options which resulted in an agreement that both parties could live with.
The only dissatisfying point was Joanne’s decision to move to London. Sydney has a lost a fantastic mediator.

​From Mary Cloran Senior Adviser in Special Education for the Catholic Education Office Sydney

I worked alongside Joanne Byrne for almost 15 years. At the beginning of our working association Joanne was a talented, committed and highly respected Special Needs teacher in a large Catholic Boy’s School in Sydney. In this role Joanne exhibited her highly developed interpersonal skills in the almost daily meetings with parents, teachers and specialist personnel. In 2006 Joanne was appointed Special Needs Adviser (Secondary Schools) in the Southern Region of the Catholic Education Office in Sydney. In this role Joanne was a highly valued team member and gained wide experience in organizing, chairing, and sensitively running Case Conferences in regard to the management of students with exceptionally high needs. During this time Joanne also organized and presented highly successful Professional Development Courses for specialist teachers and teacher assistants.

Joanne has always shown herself to be a life-long learner. She has the wonderful ability to listen, reflect and take intelligent action on all matters related to her role. Joanne’s interpersonal skills are outstanding and are measured by the high level of respect and admiration she has always enjoyed from her colleagues and employers.


From G, Hampstead, Client

Thank you very much for mediating our last session and for helping us reach a conclusion on the financial settlement.

From B, Covent Garden, Client

Thank you for seeing me last week. I must say that prior to coming to see you I was sceptical as to how useful it would be but you have an excellent manner and way of dealing with these matters, and I found the session most useful.

From N, Knightsbridge, Client

My partner and I were in the process of separating. Things between us were very heated and we could not agree about future childcare and living arrangements. Mediation with Austin provided a calm and confidential space for us to discuss these things. Austin helped us to clarify what we wanted, made sure that each of us could speak and be listened to, and kept us focused on what is possible for the future. We were able to agree quite quickly, the arguments on these points are over, and we are now moving on.


From a very satisfied Solicitor

A successful mediation aided very well by Mr King

From George Osborne, Former Chancellor of the Exchequer in Respect of David’s Work at the Office of Tax Simplification

Thank you for the great job you’ve done for the Office of Tax Simplification and for all the support you’ve given on the small company taxation review. I am told that your personal knowledge of small-business issues and tax administration generally has been really valuable for the office, as has been your skill in putting together the recommendations in the very impressive final report.


From Etienne Garin, Civil engineer BG Ingénieurs Conseils SA

During a technically challenging period in our tunnel project in Geneva, Switzerland, the discussion between the Owner’s and the Contractor’s teams was stalling and no real progress was in sight. Everybody was tense, especially because time was running out. At that point, the owner’s advisor Matthias Neuenschwander suggested what he called “play in a bubble”. Some of us were sceptical but changed their minds rapidly when the short, simple and structured process yielded results that satisfied all parties.

From Kalman Kovári, PhD, Professor em. Swiss Institute of Technology Zurich, Switzerland following a recent facilitation exercise

Your moderation was excellent in all aspects and was a major contribution to the workshop’s success through the build up of trust between the participants, besides the technical contents.

From Thomas Flüeler, Dr. sc. nat. ETH, Nuclear Technology Unit Head in the Directorate of Public Works, Canton of Zurich, Switzerland

Having participated in a workshop led by Mr Neuenschwander on structural engineering and geomechanics related to radioactive waste repositories I highly valued his focused, structured and pertinent approach in this very sensitive area. He managed to have panel experts with different views communicate clearly and to the point. He kept the overview at all times, involved invited parties and adhered to the time constraints. Well done!


From Peter Stayte Payroll Manager at Bayer – Posted on Linked In

In all dealings with Russ I’ve found him to be a diligent, thorough and personable Audit and Compliance professional. He regularly seeks proactive and practicable solutions to an area that can be seen as restrictive to the most basic operation.

Writing some strong Audit structure for our newly outsourced payroll to ADP, he was integral to our maintaining strong compliance throughout.

His personality allows him to build the relationships required throughout an organisation which nurtures trust and buy-in to affect the desired outcome. His experience and professional attributes give him the toolbox to ensure that the outcome is robust and relevant.

From Leighton Morgan Payroll Manager at Bayer – Posted on Linked In

Having worked with Russ over the last 5 years, I have found him to be a truly rounded audit leader who has a view of the big picture, can constructively challenge and be a pragmatic solution provider to risk. His approach is to be an un-blocker using audit and compliance to enhance business, not restrict it. He is able to advise at all levels and works through building collaboration. He is able to quickly identify risk and advise accordingly with substantiated facts that provide a clear insight to risk, even to those that are not risk minded.
A value add to any business.

From Peter Race Associate Head of School of Management Posted on Linked In

As class professor for operations and process management I was very pleased to draw on Russ’s knowledge and experience of risk management and operations delivery. Russ was always insightful and offered clarity and support to less experienced colleagues.

From Willem Fourie, Audit & Assurance at GSK – Posted on Linked In

Russell has built up an extensive knowledge of a variety of business sectors with regard to organisations’ processes, SOX and risk management strategies. He is always keen to share these experiences and his expertise with clients and also fellow staff through his open and constructive work ethic. Having worked with Russell on a few assignments, one of his personal objectives was always to know as much as possible beforehand about the new area of work, new client or new industry to be able to perform a full value adding service. His focus has always been on helping the client achieve optimal success through their business processes. He has a keen eye for detail but is always aware of the bigger picture. The development of his staff is also very important to him. Russell is pro-active, diligent, trustworthy, hard working, friendly and a true professional.

From Tim Alderson, Partner Stonetrough Data Mining LLP – Posted on Linked In

I have worked with Russ on a number of contract verification assignments and investigations. Russ uses his extensive experience and knowledge to get to the key issues to be investigated. He is professional, reliable and strives to ensure that his relationship with business partners adds value to all parties involved. It is a pleasure to work with Russ and I would have no hesitation in working with him again on any form of engagement.

From Bill Spengler, Former Director of Engineering at Hastings Manufacturing – Posted on Linked In

In a challenging environment at Perfect Circle Europe, Russ did an excellent job of helping to put a cost analysis structure in place at our facilities in France, Spain and Germany. He was able to overcome the cultural differences between the various countries and work effectively with all parties in the company.

Anthony Bilton MSc CISA, CISM, CRISC, Director at BTRP Ltd and BCL Ltd, Posted on Linked In

Russ has a very positive attitude and always applies himself fully to the task in hand. He completed an IT assets review for me and took the time out to ensure he was fully conversant with ITIL standards prior to the review, and as a result, provided a very detailed and well formulated audit. Athough not an IT Auditor he did get to grips well with the technology issues with ease. Russ is a good guy to have around and is very personable and a first rate team player.

From Jemi Oyan, PMP. Head South East at GTB Asset Management (Now Investment One Financial Services Limited) posted on Linked In November 23, 2010.

I had the privilege of working with Russ on a consulting project for an NGO in South Africa, during our MBA progromme.

As the leader of the project, Russ’ extensive experience in consulting techniques and clients’ requirement led the team to achieve its goal. He has an excellent ability for solving complex problems by applying simple deductive reasoning.

He is a patient leader and team player, with the skill to manage diverse individuals to achieve the required objective. I have no doubt that Russ will be successful in a multiple of roles and I hope I have the opportunity to work with him again.

From Paritosh Gupta Business Manager at ANZ, Posted on Linked In November, 2010. Paritosh and Russ were students together

Russ is a highly motivated and self driven professional. I came across his great consulting capabilities working with him during a reputation and relationship project in Cape Town. He carries in-depth knowledge on stakeholder and risk management. He has a good mix of IQ & EQ and I am sure he will be an asset to any organisation.

From Jim Brooks, EVP & Managing Director UK & Europe, Posted on Linked In

Russell is an extremely diligent and personable individual who was responsible for the creation of the Cinram Internal Audit Function for Europe. Although UK based, Russell’s European language skills meant that he spent a great deal of his time in the other European Territories where, he recruited and managed Internal Auditors. As a result of Russell’s industry, we became prepared for SOX at a very early time and we were very saddened by his decision to move on.

On the social front, Russell is an avid sports fan and was proud of having visited every professional football ground in the Football League (and Premiership). Not all as a consequence of the demise of his beloved Leeds United!


Training Feedback from Training Courses Brendan has Given Over Many Years

“Lots of information presented in a clear straightforward manner with some fun thrown in too.”

“Brendan delivers a very enjoyable and comprehensive course that encourages trainees to learn and develop their skills in order to have the confidence to conduct mediation in their own lives.”

“Very interesting and informative, good mix of theoretical material, role plays, videos and exercises. Very enjoyable overall also. Some very useful tips even could be used outside of a mediation i.e. reframing, for example when dealing with parents and young people. Lots of stories about past mediations which I found very interesting. Excellent course, thoroughly recommended.”

“Very well structured. Brings you along from a total novice to a level of confidence to actually mediating. This was a learning environment where I was taught skills without being fully aware I was in a class.”

“Delivered in a calm and very professional manner. Well done, Brendan. You’re a real pro!”

“Normally training is repetitive – this training was fun and interesting.”

“Engaging, interactive, positive.”

“Very insightful, great delivery of learning and has increased my confidence and knowledge dealing with conflict.”

“The delivery of the course was great, very informative and enjoyable.”

“Very approachable, knowledgeable facilitator/trainer.”

“The trainer was very professional, very calm. He used a lot of examples that made the course interesting.”

“I particularly liked the trainer’s style and approach.”

“For the first time in a while, this course has touched on areas that actually apply to my role and I have found it particularly relevant and helpful.”

“Enjoyable and useful workshop in a relaxed atmosphere made learning more effective.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the day’s training. Trainer very good at keeping us engaged throughout.”

“This training was excellent, hugely applicable. Standard of trainer excellent.”

“Found it hugely beneficial, directly applicable to work. Trainer excellent, pace spot on and manner great. Experiential examples clarified and really consolidated.”

“Well delivered and relevant training using a range of training techniques and methods.”

From David Liddle of The TCM Group. Posted on Linked In

Brendan has been with TCM for over 2 years and in that time he has proven himself to be a consummate professional, an expert mediator/investigator, a highly effective consultant and an inspiring trainer. Brendan brings intuition and insight to the rest of his team – his expertise is often understated but is self evident in all that he does. Brendan is great fun to work with and someone who I have come to trust and rely on.

From Alexander F. Dietterle, Managing Director at 54 Pelham Blue Properties Ltd – Posted on Linked In

“Brendan is a highly skilled, experienced and talented mediator, trainer and investigator. I have known Brendan to be a considerate and loyal colleague.


Andy Peck, Managing Director IML Agencies Ltd

We have used Anthony personally and on business matters now for many years and he has always delivered results, in a timely and professional manner. I would not hesitate in recommending him.

Elene Marsden, Marketer and Trainer

Anthony Wooding is a fantastic lawyer with the perfect disposition for mediation. Highly recommended

Heinz Kemmerling, managing director at Association of German Model and Mould Maker, Posted on Linked In

Anthony works very serious and well in a bilateral case in German and English law.

Ruth Jenkins, Family Solicitor at Jackamans – Ruth worked with Anthony but at different companies

Anthony’s commitment to his client’s best interests is coupled with commercial pragmatism and considerable experience. A worthy opponent.

Nick Hodgetts, Owner and IFA, Lighthouse Platinum Wealth Management Ltd. Posted on Linked In

I am very pleased to have a strong working relationship with Anthony and Kerseys Solicitors. Their fine reputation goes before them and I have consistently found them to be approachable, knowledgeable, helpful and reliable so I recommend them to my clients.

Tim Mills, Owner, The Still Point Centre Ltd and Management Consultant. Posted on Linked In

Anthony is steeped in expert knowledge and experience and he never pretends to know anything about which he is not completely confident. He has a strong sense of what is right and wrong. He has extremely high ethical standards and a very finely tuned sense of integrity. The results of his work were precisely what was both wanted and what he said could be achieved – in difficult moral and legal circumstances.