Rosalind Nunoo

Rosalind Nunoo

Immigration and Human Rights Solicitor

In her capacity as an experienced and accomplished immigration lawyer Rosalind is a member of the ASM Plus family team. She qualified as a solicitor in 2006 and having worked in South London as a family and immigration lawyer for almost 10 years she joined Wellers Law Group LLP where she is head of immigration. She has a passion and commitment to her work that is underscored by her Master’s degree in Immigration and Human Rights.

Given the unique combination of Ros’s immigration law related skills and her considerable past experience as a family lawyer she is very well placed to advise and assist in cases where one of the affected parties is not a UK citizen. The combination of her empathetic, hands on approach and the good rapport she has with her clients means that she develops long lasting relationships with them, hence the lengthy sequence of testimonials published on our website.

Ros’s extensive experience means she has skills in dealing with all aspects of immigration cases, even those complex matters that fall outside of the UK Immigration Rules. Her considerable family law experience gives her an in depth understanding of the overlaps between UK immigration law and family law which can arise where a spouse, partner or child who is involved in court proceedings is not a British citizen. She also understands how divorce and matrimonial proceedings can affect the legal status of a non-British party to the proceedings.


Rosalind’s contact details:

Telephone – +44 (0)20 8290 7982

Email –