Patti brings over 30 years’ experience of working in the medical, social care and family sectors; 20 of these as Head of Social Work at the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability, London. She is highly skilled and experienced at resolving conflict and facilitating disputes involving health and social care practitioners and in maintaining good working relationships with clients, patients, staff and colleagues. In the field of acquired brain injury (ABI) Patti is an acknowledged expert with an excellent track record which encompasses case management, care coordination, chairing case conferences, and client and patient liaison.

She co-convenes an international professional network and has been co-editor of a specialist neuro-disability journal. In the course of chairing and convening a number of the major professional UK based ABI associations and in the context of working for the England and Wales Official Solicitor she has acquired considerable experience of a wide range of issues involving best interests, statutory will applications and local authority disputes. As well as having an excellent track record, in the course of her varied and very distinguished career, Patti has honed her facilitation and dispute resolution skills. Like all the other ASM Plus personnel she is committed to the principles of Early Dispute Avoidance (EDA) and Early Dispute Resolution (EDR) and firmly believes that timely, cost-effective resolution of disputes in her fields of work will benefit patients, clients and professionals alike.