Joanne is an accredited mediator with extensive experience in Australia and the United Kingdom in the resolution of educational, workplace and community disputes. She initially worked as a Special Educational Coordinator for nearly 10 years in a secondary school in Sydney before being appointed as an Adviser to Schools (Special Education) for the Southern Region of Sydney.

In that role Joanne specialised in delivering a dispute resolution service to students and their parents, teachers and leadership. Since becoming a mediator, Joanne has successfully used her extensive qualifications and experience to both mediate and facilitate a broad range of  disputes.

Now dividing her time between London, Zurich and Sydney, Joanne brings this wealth of experience  covering a wide range of situations and complexity to her role as a mediator. As well as holding UK accreditation from the London School of Mediation she has the following qualifications: Bachelor of Education; Postgraduate Certificates in Special Education; a Postgraduate Certificate in Behaviour; a Masters Degree in Dispute Resolution awarded by the Sydney University of Technology.