Henry is an independent Chartered Financial Planner, with over 15 years’ experience of advising clients in the lead up to and reaching retirement, many of whom are in the process of separating or divorcing. Additionally, he is a qualified Pension Transfer Specialist and a former NHS pension expert.

As an Associate member of Resolution, he has been helping clients with the financial aspects of their divorce for a number of years.  Primarily he helps clients understand their finances, even if they have not previously had to address their financial issues.  This allows them both to negotiate from a far stronger footing and to focus on what is realistically attainable.

Furthermore, using his financial acumen Henry helps clients consider how they will fare in the future. He does this partly by discussing matters with his clients and also by undertaking a thorough analysis of their financial circumstances and documentation, and preparing detailed cash flow forecasts.  This is particularly important because it gives clients the means to visualise their future financial wellbeing and how the decisions they take now will impact upon them later.  He also reviews assets that are either held or to be received as part of the settlement in order to ensure they are invested appropriately and that returns can be maximised. Additionally, where appropriate, he writes comprehensive but easily accessible financial planning reports.

Whether Henry is working alongside a family mediator or advising clients separately as a financial planner he helps them not only to explore their finances, but to appreciate the importance of full financial disclosure. In so doing he helps to open up the channels of communication between couples that may not have spoken for some time and to keep them open.  Henry also helps his clients to create imaginative solutions to often complex situations, for example finding ways for one party to retain the family home or enhancing the value of the pension share that is awarded. He has helped many couples with overseas assets come to a fair compromise over the division of their assets, whilst taking into account various foreign tax regimes.

Henry also has an in depth understanding of pensions, how their transfer values which are known as CETVs are calculated, the valuable benefits provided by them and the matters to be addressed when considering them as part of a pension sharing arrangement.