BSc, BA, CandMag, MSc, PhD, MB BS, LLM, MRCPsych, DipTrans, MCIL, CBiol, MRSB, Certificate in Psychology, CertContStud, CertHEMan, CertHESocAnth, DipHPM, DipHum, GradCertMan, PGCertEWS, PGCertAAS, CIMHSE, DipCRCM

Russell is a London-based consultant liaison psychiatrist specialising in liver transplant psychiatry and a member of the ASM Plus Medical Team. In addition to providing training as part of this team he holds a range of qualifications, including in mediation, and has extensive experience in research, training and teaching. He has lectured in the UK and at conferences in Europe and the Far East. He currently has around 90 publications to his name, including peer-reviewed papers, book chapters, abstracts, blogs, posters as well as a sole authored, 530 page book – Clinical Laboratory Investigation and Psychiatry: A Practical Handbook, published in 2008.

Russell has a wide range of medical, academic, judicial, conflict resolution and senior management experience and brings a multi-disciplinary, international approach to his endeavours. Russell is multi-lingual, maintains an interest in language learning, and is also a qualified translator. He has worked in various NHS settings and in private hospitals, and also as an expert witness. He continues to combine clinical work with a portfolio of other activities.