Ben is a highly accomplished, high-profile barrister, chartered surveyor and non-executive director and is a member of the ASM Plus Civil/Commercial and Medical Teams. He has extensive, long-standing UK and international experience as a mediator, co-mediator arbitrator, adjudicator dispute resolver, facilitator, lecturer/trainer, management consultant and author. He works mainly in the UK, UAE, Hong Kong, West Indies and New Zealand.

Ben is an exceptional communicator and uses his ADR skills very effectively, invariably in very challenging situations. He has a very high success rate with numerous career highlights. Ben has particular interests in dealing with complex, high value commercial and international disputes, medical issues, scientific and engineering cases, property work, business development and strategy, professional regulation and internal auditing.

Ben’s forte is solving disputes by listening. He is very firmly of the view that the forms of ADR that he practices and promotes are cost effective and are infinitely preferable to costly, protracted, stressful litigation. His numerous accomplishments include:-​

  • Mediator in over 30 domestic and international complex commercial disputes all of which were resolved.
  • Extensive experience in the fields of Medical Negligence and Personal Injury.
  • He has been instrumental in developing the ASM PLUS Medical Training portfolio.
  • He has played a key role in the development and management of RIBA Enterprises as a non executive director;
  • Acting as Arbitrator in more than 208 disputes (over 58% international) with values up to $880m, sometimes sitting alone and sometimes as part of a three person tribunal; these included main contract, sub-contract and professional services disputes.
  • Acting as an Adjudicator, either as part of a three person tribunal or sitting alone in more than 23 disputes (12 international) and also sits regularly as member of a Dispute Adjudication Board.
  • He is the author and co-author of a number of books on international arbitration and of a commentary on the FIDIC (The International Federation of Consulting Engineers) Red Book and Yellow Book 2017 Edition.