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Christmas can be a stressful time, so we asked some of our ASM Plus associates to offer advice for minimising stress during the festive season. This post, the first in our series, was written by our team relationship coach @ClaireJarvis

How can you minimise family tension and stress during the festivities?

A major cause of tension in families over Christmas (and other holiday periods) is the burden of doing everything that needs to be done not being shared equitably, so that stress levels rise and tempers flare. Here are a couple of tips to ensure every member of the family enjoys a stress-free Christmas:

  • People tend to have default roles within a family, e.g. The Cook, The Organiser, The Entertainer, The Peacemaker. During the Christmas period, make sure the burden isn’t falling on one member of the family just because they normally fulfil certain roles at other times of the year. Have a dialogue in advance and agree what needs to be done and how tasks can be shared more equally to make sure everybody plays a part and nobody gets stressed. Everyone will have more fun as a result, and you could even consider taking this approach at all times of the year!
  • If at any point you feel you’re doing more than your fair share and are getting stressed about others not doing enough, rather than criticising them, turn your criticism into a request. So, instead of saying, “Will you stop lounging around and do something to help!”, try saying, “I’m struggling to get everything done. Would you be able to give me a hand?”

Does anything in this post resonate with you? Do you have any of your own tips you would like to share?

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