Suzy Miller

Suzy Miller

Suzy Miller is a member of the ASM Plus family team and an affiliate member of the Family Mediators Association. Suzy is the first and only ‘Divorce Strategist’ who provides practical guidance for individuals and couples in the UK and abroad about how to stay out of court when divorcing. Employers, as well as divorcing parents, all benefit if the process is less adversarial through reduced workplace stress and less divorce debt, but navigating the journey successfully and understanding the dispute resolution options available is challenging for many.

Through ASM Plus, Suzy offers a complimentary Divorce Navigation call to help divorcing parents in particular to make “Peace their Weapon of Choice” on the divorce and family separation journey. This unique service ensures that those affected by family breakup or discord have ready access to initial assistance and advice that will help them identify possible options and address whatever difficulties they may have to face in the future.

This service will also be of interest to employers who will wish to ensure that working parents are assisted in finding the best way to separate or divorce. This is obviously a benefit to forward-thinking employers who want less absenteeism and more productivity.

Suzy’s mission for many years has been to make access to non-adversarial routes through divorce and co-parenting available throughout the UK and North America to divorcing couples via trusted sources such as mediators, collaborative lawyers and financial planners, supported by a holistic range of wellbeing experts.

Billed by the press as the UK’s 1st Divorce Fair, the Starting Over Show, received positive international press coverage in 2009 and established Suzy Miller as a key figure in campaigning for less adversarial ways for families to change form. Suzy believes there are no ‘broken families’ – only extended families.