Paul Sandford

Paul Sandford

Accredited Mediator and Principal Director of ASM Plus, Civil, Family and Workplace Mediator, Trainer, Investigator and Contractual Evaluator

Paul has been the Director of ASM Plus since it was founded in 2014 (as AlbertSquareMediation). He is an accomplished and successful civil/commercial, workplace and family mediator who is accredited by Regents University and the ADR Group. He is an empathetic, reflective listener and problem solver who gets to the heart of the matter and brings out the best in disputing parties and their representatives. Paul has over 30 years’ experience in the legal profession, firstly as a solicitor and more recently, as a tribunal judge and has a considerable amount of medical knowledge. In addition to his dispute resolution skills, when required he is able to draw on his extensive legal and medical knowledge.

Paul is also a skilled and effective trainer and is one of the ASM Plus team members who provide training in the public, private and charitable sectors. He is also a workplace investigator which entails investigating workplace related disputes, incidents and practices. He has experience in Contractual Evaluation which involves business process evaluation and recommending changes that substantially benefit individuals and organisations in all sectors by helping to improve staff relations, overall performance, productivity and profitability.

Like the rest of the ASM Plus team Paul works on the basis that no problem is too big or too small. He provides an excellent service and has extensive experience in the public, private, commercial, voluntary and educational sectors. He is flexible about where and when he works and provides services that are tailored to the needs of individual clients. If you have a problem or dispute that you need help with, Paul will make a big difference.

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