Menahem Chuck Kanafi

Menahem Chuck Kanafi

Menahem Chuck Kanafi is a former career diplomat and attorney licensed in New York and Israel with decades of international trade experience. He is a Certified Mediator in Germany and primarily mediates international commercial and employment disputes. He heads the ASM Plus European Office in Berlin, Germany, where he resides and is a member of the Bars in Israel and New York State.

Ambassador (ret.) Menahem Chuck Kanafi has served in Africa, Europe, Asia and North America at senior levels, and served as a legal advisor to various diplomatic negotiations during thirty years of civil service. He currently acts as a neutral mediator for cross-border commercial disputes involving India, the EU, Israel and the United States.

Chuck is a veteran of thirty years in the Civil Service including as a government transactional lawyer and advisor, and as a professional diplomat. In his overseas assignments, he served in Zimbabwe, Germany, Turkey and held Ambassadorial positions in Eritrea and Ghana. Ambassador Kanafi served as Israel’s first Consul-General to South India and was resident in Bengaluru.

In New York Mr. Kanafi was representative of Israel to the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) Special Political and Decolonization Committee (Fourth Committee). He was further awarded a citation in 2005 as Outstanding Diplomat of the Year for his work on the team which initiated and brought about the convening of the 28th Special Session of the UNGA commemorating the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi concentration camps.

Over the course of his career, Ambassador Kanafi negotiated many international agreements, the most important of which include: the civil provisions of the 1995 Interim Agreements with the Palestine Liberation Organisation (Oslo II agreements); the Forced Labourer Compensation agreement noted above, and an agreement for the establishment of a joint Research and Development Fund between the Government of Israel and the Government of Karnataka (KIRD) in South India.

Upon retirement in 2015, Ambassador Kanafi established a mediation practice and qualified for inclusion on the list of court-appointed mediators in Israel, and has since developed his practice as a third-party neutral in commercial matters. He specialises in cross-border disputes involving Israeli, Indian, European and American parties.

Ambassador Kanafi’s pro bono legal activities include serving as an advisor to the (then) Israeli MP, Michal Rozin, on matters of immigration and asylum for African refugees; as an advisor to the Hotline for Refugees and Migrants in Israel; and on the Advisory Boards of a number of Indian legal and commercial organisations.