Matthias Neuenschwander

Matthias Neuenschwander

Matthias is a highly accomplished civil and commercial mediator, adjudicator and civil engineer. He is a fluent English, German, French and Italian speaker and also speaks Spanish proficiently.

Matthias holds a commercial mediation accreditation from the Swiss Chamber of Commerce and an MSc in Civil Engineering from the prestigious Swiss Institute of Technology, he is an expert in dispute resolution, procurement and contracting for large infrastructure projects. During his long career he has often worked as mediator, facilitator and problem solver in multi-cultural scenarios. Examples of this are his input in international projects, his work on large construction sites involving pluri-national stakeholders and heading an engineering firm with worldwide branches and a very diverse personnel from all continents.

Matthias’ unique combination of dispute resolution, technical, managerial and communication skills means that he is a highly respected go to mediator, adjudicator and consultant, not least in cases of team conflict, contractual and investment disputes and in administration/local community disagreements. As a careful listener he strongly believes in dispute resolution through the parties’ own will by means of their own communication, where often guidance or facilitation from a mediator or a mediation team proves extremely helpful.

During his extensive professional career Matthias has worked as the coordinator of an NGO in sub-Saharan Africa, as a project manager with an international contractor, as the chief engineer under contract for the longest rail tunnel on earth, and as the managing director of a major Swiss engineering practice. Although presently based in Switzerland and Western Europe, he is very well travelled and has extensive experience of working in numerous jurisdictions outside this zone, mainly African, Indian and pan-American.

Matthias also chairs working groups established by the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) and the International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association who specially commissioned him to draft the new General Conditions of Contract for Underground Works.

Matthias’ numerous major accomplishments include:

  • mediation in numerous team and joint venture conflicts in domestic and international infrastructure projects
  • guidance of the mediated process of alignment choice of the new highway link between the towns of Bellinzona and Locarno (Switzerland) across the environmentally and socio-economically highly sensitive Magadino plain
  • multiple dispute avoidance by mediation in multi-billion Euro railway projects
  • dispute adjudication in a number of infrastructure projects. Matthias is regularly called as a single adjudicator or as a member of dispute adjudication boards.