Austin Chessell

Austin Chessell

Austin is a highly accomplished family and children mediator, a family mediation supervisor and trainer, and the convener of the ASM Plus Family Team.

Austin qualified as a solicitor in 2010 and has practiced as a Collaborative Family Solicitor since 2013. Austin has meeting rooms in North, East and West London. He also mediates online and does both privately funded and legal aid family work.

A member of both the Law Society and Family Mediation Council mediation panels, Austin has also completed a Level 3 diploma in Counselling and works on a voluntary basis for Families Need Fathers. He writes regularly on mediation and convenes regular training sessions for family mediators, lawyers and family professionals.

As a family mediator and co-mediator Austin has extensive experience in a wide range of disputes ranging from those involving complex or high end financial issues to long-standing disputes about children, a number of which have an international element. He works with grandparents wanting to discuss seeing grandchildren and with LGBT families who wish to discuss separation.

Austin works in a timely manner and adheres to the ASM Plus principle that no case is too big, too small or too complex. He has an excellent reputation among fellow mediators and family professionals, and as a supervisor and trainer he is very highly regarded.

Like the rest of the ASM Plus team Austin is committed to the ethos of both EDA (Early Dispute Avoidance) and Early Dispute Resolution (EDR) and provides excellent value for money. Where there is a measure of agreement he will try to ensure that his mediation process is not too protracted. In cases where options other than separation or divorce should be considered he will raise them at the earliest available opportunity. If appropriate he will refer parties to ASM Plus’s couples/relationship coach or to another suitably qualified professional.

Austin’s recent accomplishments include:

  • Helping a married couple with a property portfolio to divide assets of £8,000,000;
  • Helping a married couple decide how the childcare arrangements would work when one parent planned to relocate to Asia from the UK;
  • Helping a couple in their sixties find a way to divide the matrimonial assets so that they could both be re-housed;
  • Assisting a same sex couple to decide how childcare arrangements would work for their two children;
  • Helping a separating couple to determine the level of child maintenance that would be paid privately through a standing order.