Anthony Wooding

Anthony Wooding

MA (Oxon), Solicitor, Civil and Commercial Mediator, Trainer and Solicitor

Anthony qualified as a civil and commercial mediator with ADRg in 2011. In 2015 he was accredited as an ODR (Online Dispute Resolution) mediation provider, also by ADRg. He is based in Ipswich and since 2011 has been a mediator in East Anglia as well as other parts of the UK, with secure emphasis on commercial and property disputes, housing and public law and family cases involving cohabitees.  He writes, speaks and broadcasts regularly about mediation, management and dispute resolution.

Anthony was a practising solicitor for 35 years and latterly the managing partner of a leading firm of East Anglian solicitors.  In January 2019 he became a law lecturer at the University of Suffolk where he specialises in dispute resolution. In 2010, he was part of a team of election observers in South Sudan.

As a mediator, lawyer and business manager Anthony has considerable experience of dispute resolution and problem solving. He has made regular business decisions for his firm, sometimes very significant or very difficult ones. He also understands that sometimes it is necessary be brave and creative.

Epitomising the ASM PLUS ethos Anthony works on the basis that disputes should be resolved informally, cost effectively and in a timely manner and he brings to the fore his considerable skills, expertise and ability to think out of the box. Utilising his quiet and intelligent approach, when mediating he is quickly able to gain the parties’ trust and to guide them on to the settlement path. He has been accoladed both as a lawyer and a mediator for his wide-ranging skills, not least his specialist property dispute skills and for providing good service, good advice and good value.