Meet The ASMADR Team

Paul Sandford

Director of ASMADR, civil/commercial, workplace, employment, family and educational mediator and trainer with a judicial, legal and medical background. He has knowledge and expertise in dispute resolution in a wide range of areas and disciplines and mediates online.

Francesco Albertelli

Francesco is a highly accomplished member of the ASMADR team and a well established and highly skilled ADR practitioner, commercial lawyer and linguist. He initially qualified as an Advocate in Rome. He speaks English, Italian and French fluently and has a good working knowledge of Spanish.

Ben Beaumont

Civil/commercial mediator, arbitrator, adjudicator, barrister and chartered surveyor with extensive legal and directorial experience. He has wide-ranging international experience and works in a number of different worldwide jurisdictions.

Steve Burchell

Steve acquired 30 years' experience as a psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer in the helping professions before becoming an accredited mediator. He is particularly enthusiastic about helping people avoid the financial cost and the psychological damage that can be done when disputes escalate into litigation.

Joanne Byrne

CMC accredited Civil Mediator experienced across a range of sectors.
Extensive experience developing and delivering ADR training to professional groups.

Austin Chessell

Highly experienced family mediator and family mediation supervisor, workplace trainer and couples/ relationship coach.

Dr Russell Foster

Consultant psychiatrist with extensive medicolegal,  managerial and  judicial expertise acting as medical consultant to ASM and an accomplished linguist and academic.

David King

Civil mediator and accountant with extensive financial and taxation related experience and expertise.

Matthias Neuenschwander

A highly accomplished civil and commercial mediator, adjudicator and civil engineer. He is a fluent English, German, French and Italian speaker and also speaks Spanish proficiently.

Brendan Schütte

UK and Irish accredited workplace mediator, investigator, trainer and coach with particular expertise in the field of neutral evaluation.  Brendan undertakes work in Ireland and in all parts of the UK including Northern Ireland.

Russell Shackleton

Specialist in Contractual Evaluation, Financial Specialist, Business Consultant, Auditor, Investigator, Trainer and Coach with experience and expertise in the commercial, charitable and public sectors.

Anthony Wooding

Civil, commercial and workplace mediator and trainer and managing partner in a long-established firm of solicitors. He has particular knowledge and expertise in resolving all types of civil, property and financial disputes.

Nicole Godetz

Nicole brings over 30 years’ experience of working in the education and training sector; 17 of these at headteacher level. She is highly skilled and experienced at resolving conflict and building good relationships with children staff and families.