Well! Although your family mediator was excellent and things were resolved without too much difficulty your once treasured relationship has ended. The memorandum of agreement specifies what arrangements have been made for your children. The finances are clear and although the chances of you and your ex ever being more than cordial with one other are slim you have learned to communicate with her/him again and are looking forward to getting on with life. Because you mediated rather than litigated you have more money in your pocket than you had initially anticipated. And of course you possess an agreement ratifying what you and your ex have agreed to.

However, as relatively straightforward as your separation process may have been, you and your ex have been through a tough period and if only for the sake of the children you are still going to have to work hard at keeping things on an even keel. You privately admit to your best friend that you are emotionally drained, you are not quite sure what to do next and that you feel as if you are in limbo. You need guidance.

Why not buy Wendi Schuller’s book, The Global Guide to Divorce?. It may not have all the answers but it will probably give you some very helpful pointers. Details of this excellent publication are given below.