It is a myth that Family Mediation is not suitable for high net worth cases. In some instances it may not always be the best option but in most instances it will be appropriate. Suitability can be assessed at an initial meeting before there has been much in the way of financial outlay.

Recently I resolved a financial mediation case where the assets were valued at just under £10,000,000.

In this case a divorcing couple’s daughter who a minor, asked for a separate meeting so as to have her wishes heard. In the long term she wanted to work for the family business and did not want it to be sold. The daughter also hoped that in time she would be able to spend time at Christmas with both her parents, something that was subsequently agreed to. She was pleased that through mediation she could express her concerns and her parents listened to her.

Both parents wanted to provide for their daughter and in the course of the mediation sessions, they agreed to place substantial funds in a trust her so as to protect her interests.

The husband had a new partner with whom he intended to live with abroad. Accordingly, the sessions were used to plan the logistics of relocation and childcare arrangements.

Both parties had spent a lot of money on legal fees before starting mediation and both stated that they wished that they had come to mediation sooner.

It can be seen from this real life example that Mediation can and does work in “high end” divorce cases. It is an option that can and should be considered in each and every instance of divorce or separation. It works!

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