One of the big factors in the current Brexit discussion is whether UK citizens wish to be controlled by what some see as an unelected body based in Brussels. One of the issues is that everybody likes to have a say on things that affect their everyday life. Also when things that affect their everyday life go wrong they like to have somebody to blame, even if that just means shouting at the TV screen when a disliked person appears.

​​A few years back someone in Brussels determined that shops in the UK would no longer be able to sell high wattage electric light bulbs and as a result, many have been struggling to read in an energy saving gloom. No one is suggesting that being forced to try and read under overpriced and inadequate light bulbs is in itself a reason for the United Kingdom to leave Europe. However if the name of the person who pushed through that particular legislation was known then people could vote him or her out of office or, in the extreme, stand against them at the next election.

In family mediation it is often the seemingly small issue that brings matters to a head. However it is important that even if the issue is in itself fairly minor both sides should get the chance to express their feelings and resolve matters amicably before voting the opposite party out of office or declaring an “exit”.  Of course its also important that the mediator ensures that the room is adequately lit so that everyone doesn’t sit for ages waiting for the super new bulbs to fully glow.