Huw and Patrick are in the process of terminating their civil partnership because of what they both see as irreconcilable differences. Patrick is a celebrity who in recent years has been very closely tracked by the tabloid media. Unfortunately, three months ago they had a row in public and since then they have been hounded. Recently, a photographer employed by a well-known national daily, The Daily Gossip, began following Patrick everywhere and has even taken pictures of him leaving his solicitor’s offices and leaving court after a routine appearance. Also, there has been a lot of inaccurate and very intrusive press speculation about the couple’s finances.¬†

The resulting stress and upset that results causes Huw and Patrick to become even more embittered. They stop speaking to one another and to the immense dismay of them both, the whole process of them separating and sorting out their finances takes even longer to resolve. Their split is played out in public and their already very high legal costs are increased.

Huw and Patrick should have gone to mediation! The promptness, cost effectiveness and above all the privacy that mediation gives would have saved a lot of time, trouble and inconvenience and helped Huw and Patrick to maintain their dignity. Because Patrick was being followed by a press photographer, it would have been perfectly possible for mediation sessions to be conducted in the privacy their own homes using Zoom or Skype.