I recently met a mother who was looking to relocate abroad outside of Europe for her Mediation Information Assessment Meeting (MIAM).

The father was reluctant to meet me at first as the mother’s Solicitor had suggested me as the mediator.

When the mother could not wait any longer she made a children application to court and a court date was set. The father did not want children matters to go to court so changed his mind and met me for  his MIAM.

In this case there was more than one child. The parents both agreed that the children should not be separated. They both agreed that the children were settled in the UK. The father proposed to remain in the UK and both parents agreed that the children should stay with him.

However, the mother wanted different scenarios in place whereby if she was to relocate abroad to have good time with the children in the holidays or if she did not move abroad to see the children regularly during term time and the holidays.

Due to there being several scenarios depending if the mother relocated abroad or not we had just over 5 joint sessions.

Once children matters were resolved the parents also wanted to discuss finances. Both clients had completed financial disclosure with Solicitors so it was a quick process to do financial disclosure and decide what should happen to their assets and liabilities which included several properties.

Once everything was finalised in the last mediation session I prepared a memorandum of understanding and open financial summary documents for the clients to approve.

Both were relieved that they had avoided the cost, stress and uncertainty of Court by reaching their own outcomes in Family Mediation.

The clients then returned to their Solicitors so that they could receive legal advice on what they had decided and gave instructions for the children and financial matters to be documented as Consent Orders for the Court to approve.

It was nice to be able to help the family with mediation at what was a very difficult and stressful time for them. The mother wanted to move out of the family home as soon as everything was resolved. The Family Mediation was completed in just under a month. If matters had gone to court it would have taken a lot longer to conclude both children and financial matters.

If you are going through a short term or long term separation and would like to use Family Mediation to help you resolve divorce, children and or financial matters do not hesitate to contact us and we can discuss the Family Mediation process with you.

Along with Austin the #AlbertSquareMediation Family Team comprises: Paul Sandford, Soila Sindiyo, Elizabeth Richards and Joanne Byrne. Between them the team members have backgrounds in and extensive experience of Family and Civil #Mediation, the Law, Counselling, Psychotherapy and Facilitation/Early Dispute Resolution, Parenting Issues, Training, the Education Sector and Disability. We offer a full range of very timely and cost-effective services and have two fluent French speakers. Wearing his training hat Austin will be co-presenting a one day training day for family mediators a little later this year – watch this space!

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