It may be that you are involved in one of the following – a bitterly fought child contact dispute; a high-value, complex personal injury claim; an unfair dismissal case involving a high-profile football manager; a complex trade dispute that requires specialist intervention.

If you are involved in such a dispute then the chances are that mediation has been suggested as an option. Cases such as these are expensive to pursue and therefore are tailor made for mediation.

However, those involved in other sorts of disputes should bear in mind that mediation is not just about saving lots of money in what are seen as big cases. Mediation is about helping all sorts of people resolve all sorts of disputes and mediators are very aware that even so-called “low value disputes” are as important to those who are involved as any high profile or high value case.

Here are some examples of instances where the disputing parties, many of whom cannot afford protracted litigation, could benefit from mediation:-

a case involving a grandmother who is denied contact with her much loved grandchildren because their parents, her son and daughter in law, have separated;
a dispute involving shareholders in a small family firm;
a dispute about a house sharing agreement involving 2 family members or co-tenants who cannot afford alternative living arrangements;
a neighbour dispute;
a dispute between two professionally minded and highly motivated teachers in a maths department of a secondary school that needs to improve about teaching methods;
a formal complaint involving a vulnerable person who is not entitled to legal aid and his/her local social services department about the latter’s alleged failure to provide a care package;
a dispute involving a hostel run by a homelessness charity and a neighbour who contends that the charity is responsible for the actions of its allegedly noisy residents;
a dispute involving a very small, cash strapped sports club and an ex employee who considers that she is entitled to a redundancy payment where both parties are anxious to avoid the time and expense of employment tribunal proceedings but have been unable to resolve things informally;
a case involving a customer who contends that a mail order company has sold him a defective flat screen television, a claim that has been strenuously denied;
a dispute involving the buyer and seller of a residential property where the buyer has completed late and accepts that he should pay modest compensation but the seller is claiming a much higher but nonetheless relatively modest sum
a dispute between a small charitable concern and the company that deals with its IT about some allegedly defective software.

These are not untypical example of the sorts of disputes that ASM Plus routinely deal with. Some of these disputes can be mediated online. In all instances we could arrange a mediation very quickly. There would be some cost but in practice our very competitive charges would only be around 10-15% of what a local firm of solicitors would charge and we do not charge.

Are you currently involved in such a dispute or do you know someone who is? If so, why not call us for a free, no obligation discussion and give us the opportunity to explain what mediation can do for you.