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Whilst recently browsing through an old cookbook (1) I chanced upon a particular “recipe”, a herbal remedy for treating grey hair and turning it brown.

“All” one has to do is the following:

  • Put a teaspoonful of loose tea and a teaspoonful of dried sage in a clean jam jar
  • Fill the jar with boiling water and seal
  • Simmer the filled and sealed jar in a saucepan of water for 2 hours
  • Remove the jar and let it cool
  • Rub a small amount of the liquid into the scalp every few days

I must confess that I have not tested this “recipe” and I certainly cannot vouch for its success.  However, if the Internet is anything to go by it would seem that currently a lot of very bored people who are subject to lockdown restrictions could be looking for something novel to do and it may be that this little exercise will take someone’s fancy.

The mediator in me asks why people get grey hair in the first place.  It is generally accepted that grey hair comes with age but it is also commonly associated with worry and stress, conditions that are often generated by conflicts and disagreements of one sort or another.

In the same way that in the past people said that their drawn-out court cases or very difficult relationship breakdowns have given them grey hairs, in the anxiously awaited post Coronavirus era some individuals will undoubtedly attribute this follicular condition to having been confined in their homes for protracted periods of time, possibly in a state of conflict or disharmony.

Perhaps rather than resort to experimenting with ostensibly untried treatments, those who find themselves in difficult situations might look for some external input in the form of mediation or a facilitated discussion, services that with the benefit of its online expertise, ASM Plus is very well placed to provide.

Equally, the opportunities for reflection that the lockdown and social distancing have provided might very well prompt those who have been involved in protracted disputes or court cases to reflect and consider how they might be addressed and resolved.

Across the board, the timely, very cost-effective on-line and face to face mediation and facilitated discussion services that ASM Plus offers have a success rate of 90% plus. Rather than letting your dispute drag on and needlessly fester, one of ASM Plus’ highly skilled associates could be helping you to resolve it as early as next week.  No dispute is considered to be too little, too small, too complicated or too far gone.

Mediation and facilitated discussions tend to bring the best out of people, even in circumstances where it may have been thought that communication had broken down. Quite frequently, clients tell us that they are pleasantly surprised as to how easy and undemanding these options turned out to be. Also, they often say that their only regret is that they did not consider mediation at a much earlier point in time.

If you would like a free, informal, without obligation discussion all you need to do is contact the ASM Plus director, Paul Sandford by clicking on the “contact us” button.

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