This is published with the very kind permission of our guest blogger, Esther  Efemini.

The UK teaching crisis has deepened with nearly 50,000 teachers leaving the teaching profession last year; the  highest number  since  records  began.  A rethink to address this pertinent issue is needed. As Einstein succinctly quotes, “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity”.

Common reasons for leaving the profession have been cited; demanding workload, poorly managed  schools and challenging behaviour.

Behaviour Management was cited in the Carter Review (2015) as a priority within ITT programmes. However, ITT providers need to go one step further by allowing trainees to not only learn from outstanding teachers but also experts in the field of conflict resolution.
The topic of conflict is not easily embraced as it has negative connotations; it is the elephant in the room.  There can be benefits to conflict. It can provide opportunities for growth. It would also provide trainees with more confidence in managing challenging behaviour in the classroom.

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