Your young son Jason has been placed on internal suspension at school. His teacher says that he has trouble concentrating on his schoolwork and does not listen when she gives instructions to the class. She complains that he continually interrupts the class.

Worse than this, the teacher says that he has become the ‘class clown’ and this affects the other students’ learning.

The teacher who is clearly frustrated reports that Jason is a bright boy but lazy. He forgets his books and would rather talk than pay attention. The final straw was when she asked Jason to read in class and he refused ‘point  blank’. The teacher said he wouldn’t even try to read. Another boy called Jason ‘dumb’ and Jason hit him in the mouth causing his lip to bleed.

The school asks you to attend a meeting to discuss your son’s behaviour. They are questioning his placement at the school.

What can you do as a parent?

Jason could have ADHD which is a condition characterised by inattentive, hyperactive and impulsive behaviours. He might also have a learning difficulty, possibly dyslexia, which is impacting on his learning. You will need to see a medical specialist to confirm any diagnosis of ADHD.

If Jason is diagnosed with ADHD or  some other condition then your next step is to make an appointment with his teacher. There is much that can be done by teachers to make adjustments to the curriculum of a child with ADHD. Often when these changes are made more positive behaviours can emerge.

At ASM we have a highly qualified and experienced educational mediator with special education and dispute resolution experience who can offer support to those who have to navigate and deal with the school environment. Particularly if consulted early on, our expert will help parents, schools and leadership teams explore and discuss the relevant issues and in many instances reach an agreement that will address concerns of all those who may be affected. We feel it is important that all parties in cases such as Jason’s have the impartial, facilitative support of someone who understands ADHD, the school environment and the adjustments that can be made for students with special needs. This type of intervention saves a great deal of time and money and avoids the need for costly tribunal or in some instances, court proceedings.

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