You would think it was easy to say sorry. It is a short, two syllables word and from a very early age it’s one that children are taught to say when they do something wrong. The one word that will help put things right.

Back in the 70s there was a sitcom on television called Sorry, starring Ronnie Corbett. It was about a middle-aged man still living with his mother and his catchphrase was, yes you’ve guessed it, “sorry”. The comeback one often hears, to somebody apologising and saying sorry, is “it’s not good enough just to say you’re sorry”. However that simple word often goes a long way to resolving and defusing difficult situations.

Recently a high profile policeman hit the headlines after refusing to say sorry for having his officers vigorously investigate someone who had been the victim of, what appears to have been a malicious allegation. The popular press had headlines of “just say sorry” and people around the country must have been screaming that at their television sets as the person in question gave a statement that avoided use of the magic word “sorry”.