One particular advantage of watching television through a satellite system is that you can fast forward through the advertisement breaks. Having done so having and then to endure them when subsequently watching a terrestrial channel can be rather annoying.

One particularly noteworthy example portrays a mother has to bake a cake for her daughter’s school fete. Partway through the process she panics because her fridge freezer breaks down – why? Another features a top athlete, purportedly training, who is filmed running around the streets with a dog on a lead. The bathroom featured in the ad in which Barry Whateverhisnameis rather patronizingly demonstrates one cleaning product or another, is always disproportionately large.

Obviously these are only advertisements and they are not for real. However they appear to depict a tinted glass version of middle-class Britain which for most families, just doesn’t exist. The world is not full of inept mothers who don’t know which kitchen appliance they should use in order to do some cooking. Equally, how many top class athletes organise their training around taking the dog for a walk.