I recently read today that the Police are looking closely into the way that car-drivers and cyclists co-exist in Ipswich and the tensions that can build up between these two groups of road-users.

Certainly from my own experience as a car-driver I have seen bad examples of both car-drivers and cyclists where a disregard for one-another has led to dangerous situations which could be avoided.
By contrast, my co-mediator, Anthony Wooding, cycles to work and has seen such behaviour  from the ‘other party’ perspective too!

It is too easy for both parties to become insulated against the rest of the road-using world either sat imperious in a glass box or cocooned in stereo headphones, completely unthinking of how their actions might impact on each other.

The trouble is that emotions run high for both parties and one or two “bad apples” can cause extreme reactions in defence/attack.  What is really needed is the cool-headed third person to clear the air and take the heat out of any conflict so all can make sensible and worthwhile practical solutions.  Perhaps giving cyclists more room whilst the bike riders understanding how difficult it can be to pass them in certain circumstances.

Mediation can do this – perhaps not obviously on the streets of the Suffolk County Town – but certainly in any disputes where emotions risk making things worse rather than better.
A neutral third party is often the very thing that can help parties in dispute compromise for mutual advantage.

ASM  – Albert Square Mediation perhaps giving Always Sensible Moderation!