As thoughts turn to our energy requirements in the years to come and the UK moves away from coal and other high CO2 producing electricity the spotlight in the East is turning to Sizewell C.

Construction of this power station is controversial in so many ways but with the prospect of the work starting “soon” the local communities are worried about traffic and the impact on their locality quite apart from any nuclear aspect.

As you might imagine the building work is a monumental task that will see construction traffic congesting the local roads for years to come. Tensions are building as the practical aspects of this become more apparent and I wonder if the assistance of a mediator would be a good way for each party to be frank about their issues without emotion unduly clouding the issue?

Mediation has a track record of delivering imaginative answers to questions that on the surface look difficult to solve. A meeting between resident groups and the power company at an early stage and then on a regular basis on each occasion chaired by a Mediator might be just what is needed?
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