Anthony Wooding has joined Albert Square Mediation (#ASM) East Anglia, a network with business connections as far afield as Brazil.

Mediation has been described as ‘assisted negotiation’ and is an alternative option to going through the courts to resolve a dispute. It involves an independent third party to help both sides come to an agreement and can be much quicker and cheaper.

ASM director Paul Sandford said: “Anthony epitomises the ASM ethos of working on the basis that disputes should be resolved informally, cost effectively and in a timely manner”.

“Anthony brings to the fore his considerable skills, expertise and ability to think out of the box.  His quiet and intelligent approach has helped guide many clients towards settlement.”

Even the best of businesses will occasionally find they are in dispute with a supplier or client.

Most people want to resolve disputes as cheaply and quickly as possible and then move on.

Sometimes the concerned parties manage to use mediation as a way of preserving the actual business relationship too, if that is desired.

ASM has successfully mediated a range of cases, including disputes over utility supply costs, property claims, commercial construction disputes, disagreements between separating business partners and associates and workplace/employment matters.

ASM’s mediation service is completely confidential and can be face to face or online.

Online mediation for two hours starts from as little as £250, plus vat, per party.  This would include pre–reading of a small bundle of documents. Alternatively, a fee would be agreed for pre-reading separately.

This article was recently published in Kerseys’ on line newsletter.  Kerseys is  a leading, accomplished East Anglian firm. Anthony, who has been a practicing UK solicitor for over 30 years, is a very successful civil and commercial mediator.