ASM Plus is committed to providing an expert, first-class business-oriented service. As part of this, we offer this brand-new timely and very cost-effective face to face and on line service.

Be they “big” or “small”, all of the disputes and claims that arise in the course of day-to-day business dealings are important. Some can be resolved informally without any external input. However, this is not universally true even in instances where they have only low or modest monetary values. If left to fester and particularly if there are a number of them, they can assume a disproportionately significant hue which could have a significant bearing on both cash flow and business reputation.

At the same time the realities of life mean that options such as instructing a lawyer to see a “small claim” through from start to finish or delegating this role to an employee or business associate are simply not economically viable.

So, what can be done?

This is where the ASM PLUS Small Claims Mediation Service comes in. As expert facilitators and mediators, we can convene a two or three-hour mediation or roundtable meeting at short notice. Modest value disputes that would otherwise drag on for weeks or even months can be resolved in a few days. The considerable amount of time that is saved can be put to good use, cash flow will improve and even in acrimonious circumstances, an existing business relationship can be preserved. Using this service may mark the start of a very good and productive year for you and your business. We will accept instructions to mediate on a one-off basis or alternatively would be most happy to discuss assisting you on a more regular basis.

For further information see ASM Plus Small Claims Mediation Service

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