ASM PLUS Mediation Services East Anglia

East Anglia Mediators David King and Anthony Wooding together comprise ASM PLUS East Anglia (ASM PLUS EA). Based in Ipswich, they provide Alternative Dispute Resolution including a mediation service across East Anglia.

We provide:

  • Face-to-face and online mediation services for most kinds of disputes.
  • Facilitation, moderating and chairing meetings.

​​Whether you are claiming or defending a dispute, there will be money and/or property at stake. How will you adjust or cope if you lose out in the dispute?  Additionally, whether you instruct lawyers or not you will most probably be concerned about legal and court costs, the risks of litigation, the considerable amounts of time that you will have to devote to the issue and the potential risk of adverse publicity or comment. ​

Benefits of a good local mediator

Having a good mediator or facilitator will reduce or avoid much of the above. But finding a good mediator is key. Going for trusted recommendations from friends, clients and professionals you know is a good start. Please look at the ASM PLUS testimonials page for recommendations of our work.

​What does ASM PLUS East Anglia offer to you that other mediation services might not, particularly for people and businesses in East Anglia?

  • We are experienced mediators and facilitators who provide an excellent service, and we have used mediation services ourselves in the past when representing our own clients. We know what kind of service you expect. In keeping with the ASM PLUS ethos we are prompt, efficient and committed to resolving disputes cost effectively.
  • As successful business people ourselves we understand the needs of the business community.
  • It really does make it easier if your mediator understands the subject you are disputing about. For example, even though you will not be given advice if your case concerns a deed of easement (right of way) interpretation or enforcement, or a shareholding or tax issue, knowing that your mediator understands the ins and outs of the subject and what could happen if a case gets to court will be very reassuring for all.
  • In our lengthy, accomplished careers we have dealt with everything from assaults to accountancy, cohabitation disputes to defamation, importation to inheritance, tax to torts. This unique range of experience enables us to absorb and understand background issues quickly.
  • We are both well-connected in East Anglia. We have extensive knowledge and experience of local and regional business and commerce. It all helps us understand where you are and where we can help!
  • We can provide free or inexpensive mediation rooms.
  • We provide a separate 30 min ‘pre-mediation’ explanatory session to each party if desired, at no extra charge, once you have signed up for a mediation
  • We are part of the very supportive and collaborative ASM PLUS organisation which is both national and international in focus and provides a wide range of ADR related services. It complements the high standards that we already  provide by offering not only civil/commercial mediation and co-mediation but also family mediation, arbitration, adjudication, family therapy/counselling and business, workplace and medical related and training services.

Additionally, our East Anglia office, Stone Street Farmhouse, Stone St, Hadleigh, Ipswich IP7 6DN, is available for occasional hire to non ASM PLUS family mediators and as a meeting space.

​You can ring Anthony on 07788428389 or David on 07917 472726 or 01473 552852 for a free ‘no obligation’ discussion. Please contact David if you wish to hire the Stone Street office