Every year, around about 29th December people begin to realise that the Christmas shutdown will soon be over and they start thinking about the New Year. Some will go to the sales, plan a holiday or resolve to join a gym but this is also a time both for reflection and looking ahead.

In some instances, the eagerly anticipated family Christmas may not have gone quite as planned and may have brought tensions or conflicts to the fore. Equally, there may be some long running issue at work that rankles. There may be a desire to try and dispose of the irksome court case that was supposed to have been disposed of two years ago and is still rumbling on. Such difficulties may be compounded by lack of resources, disillusionment with a current adviser or simply not knowing which way to turn. You may even have lost sight of what sparked the disagreement in the first place and now come to realise that months or even years of inaction have made matters considerably worse.

Are you any of the following?

  • A business person, a party to a court case, whether a “small claim” or a multi-million-pound international law suit that seems to be going nowhere and has been costing disproportionately large amounts of time and money that has impacted on cash flow and could be put to much better use?
  • One of many estranged parents or grandparents who have not been able to see their children/grandchildren at Christmas and are missing them very much?
  • Someone involved in a family dispute revolving around an inheritance issue or a disagreement about a family business?
  • A manager who is faced with having to address some poor workplace practices or has to take firm action against a colleague who is considered to have performed poorly or acted inappropriately?
  • A spouse or partner whose relationship has ended or may be about to do so?
  • A lawyer who is all too aware that there are one or two difficult cases lurking in the filing cabinet that really have got to be addressed in January?
  • An owner occupier or tenant whose enjoyment of the holiday period has been affected by the noisy people next door?
  • A headteacher who needs to resolve a student disciplinary issue or address parental complaints about lack of educational provision?
  • The manager of a football or other sports club who got the sack or resigned over Christmas because of a run of supposedly poor results in circumstances where your club will not “play ball”?

If so, it may very well be that the highly talented and multiskilled ASM Plus team can assist. We are not legal advisers but our director, Paul Sandford, will be very happy to have an initial without obligation discussion with you. You may find other people involved in your case or dispute are just as concerned about what might happen. It is distinctly possible that the people that you have been dealing with are as fed up and disillusioned as you are and are just as willing to enter into constructive dialogue to try and resolve matters. You may find that you have more in common than you ever realised.

In some instances, it will be possible for you to have the all-important conversation and resolve things informally. If so, address matters without delay. If things are a bit beyond that point or there is a concern that a direct approach may be rebuffed then input from one of our ADR specialists may open doors. As expert problem solvers we offer a wide range of options for resolving disputes. ADR has an excellent track record. In most instances, you will undoubtedly be very pleasantly surprised when you discover that our modest incidental costs are a fraction of what it will have cost you to pursue a court case and/or what you may have already spent. Even if there are very complex issues to be addressed, the “end of year dispute that really needs resolving” could indeed be resolved in a few weeks.

The informal initial discussion with our director, Paul Sandford, will cost you nothing and commit you to nothing. Call him on 07393 654824. His phone line is open and we look forward to your call.